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Instibelt is built for your Institute . With useful features, an intuitive interface and Powerful Design built by a community of developers, it helps you focus on what you do best.

Reception Module

Reception module is perfect for all your outsider queries. It records everything and gives you full control on how to make relations better with customers.

  • Admission Enquiry with full CRM Support
  • Physical Visitors, Website Visitors & Call Logs
  • Postal Records
  • Complaints with full CRM Support
  • Gate Passes
  • Visitor Messages

Academic Module

Academic Module is the brains of the system. You can do major institute activities through here.

  • Academic Session
  • Courses & Sections (Batches)
  • Class Timings & Timetable
  • Subjects (Add, Edit & Delete)
  • Selections of Class & Subject Teachers
  • Certificates (TC, Experience, etc)

Library Module

Managing Library isn't easy with thousands of books. With this module, your librarian won't have any difficulties doing so.

  • Books (Add, Edit, Delete)
  • Issue Books
  • Return Books
  • Check Overdue Books
  • Books Information
  • Print Issue & Return Entries

Student Module

Student Module provides flexibility to perform all type of operations needed for any institute.

  • Student Registration
  • Detailed Student Information Entry
  • Generate ID Card & Roll Number
  • Attendance Viewer
  • Promotion & Termination Viewer
  • Parent Registration

Employee Module

From teachers to cleaning staff, employee module manages each & everyone according to their job type in your institute.

  • New Employee Registration
  • Detailed Employee Information Entry
  • Generate ID Cards
  • Attendance Viewer
  • Leave Allocation & Requests Viewer
  • Payroll with Salary Structure

Exam Module

Create exam schedules as per your choice and print admit cards with click or create online exams with full functionality.

  • Exam Schedule & Admit Cards
  • Record Marks
  • Report Card
  • Topper Report
  • Online Exam
  • Result Analysis

Finance Module

Full system of accounting integrated in bank account balances & cash books with all related modules like payroll, fee, donations, loans, etc.

  • Fee Groups & Fee Heads
  • Banks, Cash, Donations, Loans, Others
  • Fee Concessions & Allocation
  • Transport Fee
  • Account Transfers & Expenses
  • All Accounting Reports

Communication Module

The latest feature to the system is Communication. Powerful system which provides live meetings with employees or live lectures with SMS integration

  • Video Conferencing
  • Live Meetings
  • Live Lectures
  • Emails
  • SMS
  • Communication History Reports

And A Lot More

Features like Assignments, Notes, Syllabus, Asset Management, Holiday, To Do list are some of many others available in Instibelt.

  • Inventory Module
  • Resources Module
  • Utility Module
  • Transport Module
  • Calendar Module
  • Everyone Can Login
100% Developed in India

Specially Designed For Indian Education System

  • Works on ``Your data is with you only`` motto.
  • Analyzed by India's top college Deans, Accountants, HRs & more.
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Technical Features of Instibelt

Developing Instibelt was not just challenging but complex too. We made it well layered and with top notch security.

Choose Your Best Hosting plan

Instibelt comes in 2 hosting plans. You can get any one of these according to your needs.